We provide recovery support services for individuals who have been diagnosed with chronic opioid use and desire a confidential, trusted, safe alternative detox program that respects each individual's unique circumstances. Our trained coaches and therapists are passionate about treating the whole-person during the recovery process. We believe that recovery is a never-ending journey and our team builds upon that philosophy as we pursue wellness together. 





Our Android/iOS mobile application provides secure team chat with your coach and your team. We will work with you to setup your mobile application and link it to your Banded wearable device.  We want to stay in touch with you through every step of your journey. It is also important for your recovery coach to be able to reach out to you if you should need additional support from time to time. We believe that timely monitoring and engagements keep you safe. Your safety is our number one concern.  


As part of our individual setup, our team will conduct a short interview with you.  Our questions are designed to help us understand you and which program will suit you best.  We want to you to be successful and that means cutting out the junk!  Getting to know you is important for you and your recovery coach.  Don't worry, our coaches are fun to talk to!

3 bands - 12 steps

Our program is designed based on the research of Timko and Moos in their studies on the effectiveness of twelve step programs. We have broken the twelve steps to coincide with three bands that represent each major pillar of success.  Our coaches celebrate each pillar of success with you as you embrace your next challenge symbolized by a new band color. Your success is our success!


We believe that story telling is the best medicine.  Whether you share your personal success story or you listen to someone else's - we want to offer you that experience.  Each week, we will feature a new story without sharing the individual's identity in order to encourage and inspire our band of brothers of sisters. Please contact us if you have a story you want to share. 


band of brothers & Sisters

We offer group coaching or individual coaching services that will compliment your current inpatient/outpatient addiction recovery program or as a stand alone at-home detox program.  We partner with your professional care team to keep you on track to your goals.  Request information through our contact us link to learn more. 

research shows...

Just in case you are as curious as we are - take a look at the articles below to learn more about 12-step recovery research. 

Moos, R., & Timko, C. (2008). Outcome research on twelve-step and other self-help programs. In M.

Galanter, & H. O. Kleber (Eds.), Textbook of substance abuse treatment (4th ed. pp. 511-521). Washington, DC: American Psychiatric Press. 

feeling safe

We want to make sure that you feel safe during your journey and to help you with that we designed the Banded Notify system.  Banded Notify is a monitoring system that works with your wearable device sensor and mobile application in order to send you and your coach an alert if/when your key indicators drop below pre-determined threshold levels.  We also ensure that you and or your representative have a dose of naloxone on hand in case of a medical emergency. 


When you are suffering from addiction it can feel like there is no alternative. Like there is nothing that can help you... that is why this disease is unlike any other.
— VA Doctor